If you are a CAF Member with a Posting or Release authorized after Nov 30, 2017, go to https://bgrsguide.bgrs.ca to register and manage your relocation.


Please tell us who you are to proceed:

Canadian Forces Member
RCMP Member
Government of Canada Employee

To Pre-Register, you must be authorized by your employer to relocate under the Integrated Relocation Program. Please note that it may take up to 5 days for your employer to authorize your file.

Once you have successfully pre-registered, you will be issued a username and password for the Secure Website. You have not registered until you have proceeded to the secure website and completed the registration process.

If your pre-registration is unsuccessful, there is no need to pre-register twice. Your pre-registration is in our database, and upon file authorization, you will be issued a username and password to complete the registration process.